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Volume 7 -- Issue 5                         NEW BEGINNINGS  by  IvoryTowerInstitute.com                                               Page 4

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Volume 7 -- Issue 5                            NEW BEGINNINGS   by  IvoryTowerInstitute.com                              Page 8                   

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Volume 7 -- Issue 5                         Shop with us and we all help each other                                                    Page 9

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Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one

believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion. ~Dalai Lama~

I Agree Today To Be --The Gift of Love.

I Agree to Feel Deeply--Love for Others
independent of anything they are expressing,
saying, doing, or being.

I Agree to Allow Love--As I Know It
To Embrace My Whole Body
And Then to Just Send It
To Them Silently and Secretly.

I agree to feel it, accept it, breathe it
into every cell of my body on each in-breath
And On Each Out-Breath
Exhale any feeling unlike love.

I will repeat this breathing process multiple times
until I feel it Fully and completely
then consciously amplify in me
the feeling of love and project It to others
as the gift of love.

This is my secret agreement -
no one else Is to know it.

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Storytelling has often played an essential part in healing in indigenous cultures. Stories that heal contain many of the values that are an important part of many native cultures. These values include, but are not limited to: acceptance, courage, truth, and spirituality. When these are in place, some individuals can begin to make meaning of their experiences. Through talking circles or other means of discussing military service, one can often recognize how storytelling is critical to the healing of emotional wounds for veterans. Western culture has begun to recognize the value of ceremony and the healing power of the narrative as tools in modern behavioral health practice. As they become understood, these indigenous healing methods are gaining respect as powerful tools for healing.

Stories can be gathered in a variety of ways depending on the purpose and resources. Most tribal colleges now have computer classes and labs to coordinate and support the capturing of stories. There are also websites and software available to create digital stories that can be placed on tribal websites. The Library of Congress maintains a participatory website where all veterans can upload photographs and tell stories at: http://www.loc.gov/vets . Methods for gathering and preserving veterans' stories can be complex or basic; approaches by communities include:

  • Utilizing talking circles or sweat lodge ceremonies specifically for veterans.
  • Reviving (in some cases continuing) the practice of ceremonies or dances in honor of veterans where the accomplishments of the veteran are told by tribal/spiritual leaders.
  • Encouraging students to interview veterans as a history project and create a booklet of the interviews for distribution.
  • Researching one's community or tribe by gathering family photos or other memorabilia of loved ones who have served in the military. These items can be copied or scanned to create community scrapbooks or displays for inclusion in a community history event coinciding with Veterans Day or Memorial Day.

To Contact The ANA Help Desk, Call Toll Free: 1-877-922-9262 Or E-mail Us At: anacomments@acf.hhs.gov.

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All articles and images shown are believed to be public domain and, therefore, reprintable material.
We make every attempt to credit original authors and websites, and do not intentionally infringe on anyone's copyright.

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10 Things to Remember About Memorial Day by David Holzel

6. God knows, not even the Unknown Soldier can avoid media scrutiny these days  (Continued from p13)                     "Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God." That is the inscription on the Tomb of the Unknowns, established at Arlington National Cemetery to inter the remains of the first Unknown Soldier, a World War I fighter, on Nov. 11, 1921. Unknown soldiers from World War II and the Korean War subsequently were interred in the tomb on Memorial Day 1958. An emotional President Ronald Reagan presided over the interment of six bones, the remains of an unidentified Vietnam War soldier, on Nov. 28, 1984. Fourteen years later, those remains were disinterred, no longer unknown. Spurred by an investigation by CBS News, the defense department removed the remains from the Tomb of the Unknowns for DNA testing.

7. Vietnam vets go whole hog
On Memorial Day weekend in 1988, 2,500 motorcyclists rode into Washington, D.C., for the first Rolling Thunder rally to draw attention to Vietnam War soldiers still missing in action or prisoners of war. By 2002, the numbers had swelled to 300,000 bikers, many of them veterans. There may have been a half-million participants in 2005 in what organizers bluntly call "a demonstration--not a parade."
A national veterans rights group, Rolling Thunder takes its name from the B-52 carpet-bombing runs during the war in Vietnam. Rolling Thunder XXIII (and you thought only Super Bowls and
Rocky movies used Roman numerals) took place today.
8. Memorial Day has its customs
General Orders No. 11 stated that "in this observance no form of ceremony is prescribed," but over time several customs and symbols became associated with the holiday. It is customary on Memorial Day to fly the flag at half staff until noon, and then raise it to the top of the staff until sunset. Taps, the 24-note bugle call, is played at all military funerals and memorial services. It originated in 1862 when Union Gen. Dan Butterfield "grew tired of the 'lights out' call sounded at the end of each day," according to The Washington Post. Together with the brigade bugler, Butterfield made some changes to the tune. Not long after, the melody was used at a burial for the first time, when a battery commander ordered it played in lieu of the customary three rifle volleys over the grave. The battery was so close to enemy lines, the commander was worried the shots would spark renewed fighting. The World War I poem "In Flanders Fields," by John McCrea, inspired the Memorial Day custom of wearing red artificial poppies. In 1915, a Georgia teacher and volunteer war worker named Moina Michael began a campaign to make the poppy a symbol of tribute to veterans and for "keeping the faith with all who died." The sale of poppies has supported the work of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
9. There is still a gray Memorial Day
Several Southern states continue to set aside a day for honoring the Confederate dead, which is usually called Confederate Memorial Day: Alabama: fourth Monday in April; Georgia: April 26; Louisiana: June 3; Mississippi: last Monday in April; North Carolina: May 10; South Carolina: May 10; Tennessee (Confederate Decoration Day): June 3; Texas (Confederate Heroes Day): January 19; Virginia: last Monday in May.
10. Each Memorial Day is a little different
No question that Memorial Day is a solemn event. Still, don't feel too guilty about doing something frivolous, like having barbecue, over the weekend. Gravitas returned on May 30, 1922, when the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated. Supreme Court chief justice (and former president) William Howard Taft dedicated the monument before a crowd of 50,000 people, segregated by race, and which included a row of Union and Confederate veterans. Also attending was Lincoln's surviving son, Robert Todd Lincoln. And in 2000, Congress established a National Moment of Remembrance, which asks Americans to pause for one minute at 3pm in an act of national unity.

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