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What if the very thing that we are seeking in another…love, approval, validation, acceptance, acknowledgment, respect…is the very thing that we were not giving to ourselves, the other person, or the world at large? Think about it. What is one thing that you wish another person would do, be, or say to you? Now, explore a little further to ask yourself if you are doing, being, or saying that to the other person? Are you giving them what you want to receive; are you giving it to yourself? Are you validating others? Are you honoring, respecting, and listening when they speak? Are you trusting and honoring yourself? Are you expressing love; forgiveness; acceptance?

We are often so busy blaming, judging, and feeling victimized that we don't recognize ourselves unconsciously doing the very same thing! This is called denial, and it perpetuates our pain far more than the pain inflicted by others. It is difficult to face ourselves and our own judgments, but, if we are willing to look within first, we will begin to find peace.

The best way I know to do this is to simply "walk your talk." Regardless of what is happening, if you want love, be loving. If you want peace, be peaceful. If you want respect, be respectful. If validation and acknowledgment are what you seek, ask yourself where you are not validating and acknowledging others.

Resist the temptation to blame, judge, and make others responsible for your pain. Stop waiting for them do what you are failing to do yourself. You must embark on the excavation of the truth within, humbly and willingly exploring your own actions and behaviors. Forgive yourself…forgive others. If you want truth, you must be truthful…and the deepest truth is love.

Sound challenging? Go ahead. Try it on! Step out there on a skinny limb today and stretch past your comfort. Strive for the truth and be willing to stand in it. What is one thing in your heart that you've thought about, longed to do, say, or be, but have been afraid to risk? Is there something that you want to share with someone…a feeling, an apology, gratitude? Is there a boundary that needs to be set? Where in your life are you withholding? By whom are you in fear of being rejected, embarrassed, or even successful?

Nothing in our lives improves by our not showing up. When you wonder why you aren't getting what you want, stop and consider how you're asking for it, or if you ARE asking for it. Do you assume you can't have it, so therefore, resist inviting it in? Open the door! Allow the Universe to support you. Step out there and speak your truth, walk your talk, live your life the way you want it to be delivered back to you. What if that's all that's required of us to do…to just show up and let the Truth of our being shine through. Go ahead…take the risk to be who you truly are and watch your life magically unfold!

Today, I will look within myself for that which I have desperately, painfully sought in others. I will forgive others and myself.
I will begin the process of giving that which I want to receive,
with gratitude and love.

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Volume 6 - Issue 4                             Shop with us and we all help each other                                       

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Volume 6 - Issue 4                               NEW BEGINNINGS   by                            Page 8                   

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Volume  6 - Issue 4                    Shop with us and we all help each other                                                          Page 9

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Volume 6 - Issue 4                    We donate 10% of all profits to charity                                                            Page 10

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Volume 6 - Issue 4        New Beginnings Newsletter needs your help for us to continue                 Page 11

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Volume 6 -Issue 4                    NEW BEGINNINGS  by                                       Page 14

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I offer you this exercise in forgiveness. With your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and affirm:

I completely forgive myself for taking on this particular situation. (Name it.) I know I was only doing the best I could at the time. If I was in another state of mind, or if I had more information, I may have acted differently. (As you are ready…) I ask Spirit to help me reach the place of forgiveness for myself and for anyone involved in this situation.. I realize they were only doing the best they could also. I love and accept myself with all of my problems and perceived limitations. I don't need this (name negative emotion) any

The most useless thing to do ...Worry
The greatest Joy...Giving
The greatest loss… Loss of self-respect
The most satisfying work...Helping others
The ugliest personality trait...Selfishness
The most endangered species...Dedicated leaders
The greatest "shot in the arm"...Encouragement
The greatest problem to overcome...Fear
Most effective sleeping pill...Peace of mind

The most crippling failure disease...Excuses
The most powerful force in life...Love
The most dangerous pariah...A gossiper
The world's most incredible computer...The brain !
The worst thing to be without...Hope
The deadliest weapon... The tongue
The two most power-filled words..."I Can"       
The greatest asset...Faith
The most worthless emotion...Self-pity
The most prized possession...Integrity
The most beautiful attire...A SMILE!
The most contagious spirit...Enthusiasm


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